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Rome shooting gunman ‘had long planned attack’


Death toll from Rome shooting up to four


EC’s response on energy ‘unsatisfactory’ says Meloni before summit


Italy in shock after 3 women killed in Rome shooting



Segre cites celebrity chef among 24 ‘anti-Semitic’ slurs


Spelacchio’s spectre returns with solar-powered Xmas tree


Mattarella,Parolin to talk Helsinki-like Ukraine peace deal


Great Russian culture can’t be cancelled says Mattarella


Excellent NRRP talk with von der Leyen – Mattarella-Tajani


Govt set to up protection for corporate whistleblowers


Meloni defends card payment No, cutting cash limit


Meloni says migrants now a priority for EU


Italy can play strategic role on energy says Meloni


Ukraine peace demonstrator wishes defence minister ill


Italian man, 25, in coma after attack in London


Pro-life group sues 150 schools over gender ‘alias’ policy


Italy’s future beyond 2026 depends on NRRP says Mattarella


Taxi driver attacks CONI VP insisting on cash fare payment


Vatican collects thermal vests to take to Ukraine


Italy protagonist of world’s biggest radio telescope


Alleged killer of Lazio fan ‘Diabolik’ indicted


Voluntary sector has ‘inestimable value’ says Mattarella


Russian cyberattacks on Italian institutions up – agency


EU understands migrant ‘wind has changed’ says Salvini


Destroying civilian structures an international crime-pope



Joint migrant management crucial for EU says Mattarella



COVID-19 Rt transmission number up, incidence steady


Fresh storm front to hit Italy this weekend



Justice for Regeni, Tajani tells Shoukry


Nurse, 55, arrested for raping trainee, 20



Two women, 21 and 22, killed after car hits tree near Rome



Man arrested for assaulting girl on Rome metro


Soumahoro mum-in-law’s coop to be put into receivership


US tourist who damaged Vatican busts risks trial


Pope enjoys circus act



Moscow provokes Italy with ‘fake’ photo of damaged ‘Lince’


Tax dodge fight central to NRRP says Mattarella


114 refugees from Libya to Italy Wednesday


Mafia conviction upheld against Casamonicas



Ukraine: New impetus for EU cohesion says Mattarella


Mums revolt over small school dinner portions



2 mn more for Ukrainian grain says Tajani


Cops delve into accounts of Soumahoro mother-in-law


Giorgetti defends budget bill, says resources targeted


Soumahoro’s mother-in-law probed for fraud too


Doctors to take to streets to ‘defend health system’


Becciu says met pope Sat, ‘he encouraged me’


Govt set to help Italian cinema industry says culture min


Pope saddened by death of tramp in St Peter’s Square


Triple prostitute killer inflicted dozens of wounds

Violence against women a crime that destroys harmony -pope


Colosseum sewers yield morsels eaten during shows

Cardinal Becciu probed for conspiracy to commit crime


Prevent, protect agst violence agst women says Meloni


Violence against women violation of human rights-Mattarella



Murders of three prostitutes in Rome ‘maybe premeditated’


Priest gets eight years for raping boy


Migrant labour activist suspends self from party amid probe


More women theologians needed says pope



Senate approves creation of femicide inquiry commission



Proudly standing with Ukraine Meloni tells Lviv mayor



Prostitute killer filmed murder of 2 Chinese sex workers


Two Chinese sex workers slain in Rome named


Rome ‘prostitute killer’ to have psychiatric test


Man, 34, arrested for raping two foreign students in Rome


Anzio and Nettuno councils dissolved for mafia infiltration



Former interior minister Roberto Maroni has died


Welfare cornerstone of co-existence says Mattarella



Convictions of four pushers for teen’s homicide upheld



1,500 Chinese sex workers shut up in houses in Rome



Migrant activist, unionist turned pol cries on FB amid probe


COVID: Admissions up 9.8%, ICUs up 21.7%


Italy’s energy needs OK this winter but 2023 a concern-min



Torrential rain to hit Italy from Tuesday


Maneskin win American Music Award favourite rock song



Mob boss driver arrested for killing 3 sex workers in Rome


1 of 3 slain sex workers ‘stabbed with stiletto during sex’


Students protest Meloni government across Italy



Berlusconi acquitted in one bunga bunga bribery case (5)


Food sovereignty not autarky says food sovereignty minister



No GM food as long as we’re in govt says Lollobrigida


2 Chinese, 1 trans sex workers stabbed dead in Rome


Italy won’t go it alone on migrants Piantedosi tells Faeser


Erdogan says Meloni wants to resolve missile system issues


Italian church got reports of 89 abuse cases in 2020-21



Murder probe as 2 Chinese women found dead in Rome


Rome must play active role in China-EU ties Xi tells Meloni


7 indicted for vehicular homicide of woman in Rome


Italy’s first female uni head dies at 94


Climate group UG sprays paint over CDP’s offices

Migrant solution is cooperation says French envoy


Piantedosi, whips moot seizing NGO migrant ships


Crisis with France already over says Crosetto


ANSA signs partnership deal with Dutch agency ANP


Vaccines averted 150,000 deaths in Italy guild tells Gemmato


Women MPs to be allowed to breastfeed in House


COVID end-of-quarantine test may be scrapped



Vaccines precious, my words taken out of context – Gemmato



Health undersec sparks rows saying no proof vaccines work


G20: Ukraine war has had devastating impact – Meloni (2)



Tajani tells EU migrants are European problem


Arcigay elect first woman leader



Cops raid Padua homes and offices of CasaPound


Hit teen gangs by punishing parents says justice official



Actor Montesano axed from RAI show over Fascist t-shirt


Court starts hearing Totti-Blasi bag for Rolex case


Climate group halts traffic around Colosseum


Rome does a lot on migrants but not alone says German envoy


‘Aggressive’ French reaction on Ocean Viking ‘unjustifiable’ says Meloni


Govt energy package response for families, firms-Meloni


Piperno returns home, embraced by father


Locatelli laments disabled student’s removal from classroom


Piperno’s parents go to airport, say they’re happy


Transgender student suffers discrimination at Rome school


Piperno tells family she’s thrilled and moved


EU must face challenges together, Mattarella tells Rutte


Ex Vatican auditor sues Holy See for 9.3mn


I confirm Italy commitment to NATO Meloni tells Stoltenberg


Church ministers shd say no to politicians says pope


Openness and respect for unions says Meloni



COVID: Emergency over but critical issues remain – Schillaci


Law and order govt’s distinctive trait says Meloni


Ukraine: So much cruelty from mercenaries says Pope


‘Ndrangheta gang that took over Rome businesses smashed


Strong quake, aftershocks shake Marche


Meloni to meet Stoltenberg in PM’s office Thurs



Ukraine: Italy to supply air defence system to Kyiv


Need to think abt young people leaving Italy-Mattarella



Meloni, Sisi talked gas and energy says spokesman


Strong attention on Regeni, Zaki, Meloni tells Sisi


Piantedosi gave assurances on changing rave law – unions


COVID: 411 more deaths in week, drop in positives


Van Gogh attack ‘ignoble’ says culture minister



Climate activists throw soup on Van Gogh in Rome


COVID-19 Rt transmission no, incidence down again


Race against time for budget Meloni tells Metsola


Ukraine: No surrender, full support for Kyiv – Mattarella


Meloni proud of anti-rave law, says protests won’t be affected



Climate activists block Rome ring road again


Man stabs neighbour in loud-music row


Heavy rain to end St Martin’s Summer


Vaccine mandate end due to doctor shortage – Schillacci


End of vaccine mandate will recoup 4,000 doctors – Meloni


Race against time for budget says Meloni


COVID masks stay compulsory in hospitals, care homes


Mattarella sends condolences to Yoon over Seoul crush


Shock video of homeless man kicked in face in Rome


Defend savings, incomes against inflation says Mattarella


COVID: 29,040 new cases, 85 more victims


Nurse rapes trainee at Rome hospital


Meloni to make Brussels debut in first foreign trip as PM



Meloni to visit von der Leyen in Brussels Nov 3



Veteran TV personality canned for groping singer’s bottom


Russian arrested in Rome wanted by Moscow too


COVID: Worst is over but not beaten yet says Mattarella


COVID: 31,760 new cases, 94 more victims


NATO indispensable Meloni tells Stoltenberg


March on Rome tragic date says Segre before anniversary



Mattarella,Meloni recall Mattei on 60th anniversary of death


Man arrested for killing transsexual near Rome


COVID: Fresh weekly infections drop, ICU cases down again


COVID: 35,043 new cases, 93 more victims


Man, 25, stabbed to death in Rome street


Priests and nuns watch Web porn too says pope


COVID-19 hospital cases down 5% – FIASO


Mattarella, Tajani to visit Netherlands Nov 8-11



Illuminate rulers for peace says pope at Colosseum event



COVID: 48,714 new cases, 120 more victims



Cops clash with students calling FdI ‘Fascists’


Bonomi says liked Meloni on EU, jobs, business


Meloni recalls women who helped her break glass ceiling


Home-made pasta for 1 in 3 Italians say farmers on Pasta Day


COVID: 11,606 new cases, 39 more victims



Rome church launches ‘suspended bill’ against energy crisis


Bus driver suspended after watching film at wheel


Berlusconi drinks vodka, Meloni defends principles – Kyiv



COVID: 40,563 new cases, 84 more victims



Drunk, drugged-up driver arrested after killing teen


New COVID-19 cases down but deaths up – GIMBE



Woman serious after falling into Tiber while taking selfie

COVID: 41,712 new cases, 81 more victims



Criminal probes opened into climate group’s roadblocks


Climate crisis set to clobber GDP says Bank of Italy


2022 hottest year in Italy since 1800 – CNR



Man kills mother, 70, near Chieti



COVID: 58,360 new cases, 113 more victims


Council houses occupied by Spada clan cleared


Scuffle over phones averted at school in Latina



Sunny spell to last till Thursday


Italian sprinter Dosso says she was called ‘dirty n****r’


Missing man, 69, found dead naked in car in Rome




Italian poverty at all-time high in 2021 says Caritas



‘Gladiator’ Crowe backs Rome’s Expo 2030 bid


COVID: 40,580 new cases, 98 more victims


‘Gladiator’ Crowe backs Rome’s Expo 2030 bid



4 arrested for gay bashing in Terracina



COVID: 45,705 new cases, 66 more victims


Musician has brain tumour removed while playing sax


Italian-Ivorian labour activist enters parliament in wellies


COVID: 47,763 new cases, 69 more victims


Shock after L’Aquila quake civil ruling ‘blames victims’


COVID cases up again, +37% in a week – FIASO


COVID: 65,925 new cases, 80 more victims


Gas: Italy set for ‘tranquil winter’ says Cingolani


No response from Egypt on Regeni case – justice ministry


COVID-19: Incidence, transmission no. up significantly


Europe’s peace and security jeopardized says Mattarella


Eco ministry signs new heating limits


Face energy crisis together Draghi tells Prague summit


Little room to change NRRP says Fitch


COVID: 44,853 new cases, 56 more victims


Fireworks party greets released Rome crime family member



Seven arrested over theft of fuel from Rome trash company


‘Volocopter’ air taxi has first test flight


EU will overcome differences say Mattarella, Steinmeier


Six teens risk trial for beating Down’s boy



Meloni says clear delays in NRRP


COVID: 45,225 new cases, 43 more victims


NRRP chance to raise credibility, trust next govt – Draghi



Man throws two Vatican Museum sculptures to the floor


Woman throws two Vatican Museum sculptures to the floor


One million jobs at risk says CISL union chief Sbarra


COVID-19: 58,885 new cases, 60 more deaths


Italian woman being held in Tehran’s Evin prison



Italian woman detained in Iran, family very worried



Italian woman ‘arrested’ in Iran, family appeals for help



Nord Stream methane ‘cloud’ set to reach Italy



Buzzi, Carminati ‘Middle World’ convictions definitive



COVID-19: incidence soars to 325, Rt up to 1


COVID-19: Italy registers 37,522 new cases, 30 more deaths



New COVID-19 cases up 34% in one week – GIMBE


‘Pacta sunt servanda’ says Gentiloni on new govt


COVID: 36,632 new cases, 48 more victims


Italian women demonstrate for free and safe abortions


Pope prays for cruelly abused Ukraine people


All acquitted in quake collapse of building in Amatrice


Italy reaches 90% gas stocks target early – Cingolani


COVID: 44,878 new cases, 64 more victims


COVID-19: public-transport facemask obligation ends Sept 30



Angiolini accused of squatting in wedding planner’s flat


COVID: 22,527 new cases, 60 more victims


Putin pushed by Russians, media into war – Berlusconi



Stairway collapses at Rome Globe Theatre, 12 injured


Swimming coach accused of assaulting 14-yr-old girl swimmer


COVID-19: 11% rise in new cases ends downward trend – GIMBE


COVID: 21,190 new cases, 46 more victims


Top court confirms 3.5 mn seizure from ex-House pres Pivetti



Italy gets second woman supreme court head



COVID-19: 60 more deaths, 28,395 new cases


COVID-19: 31 more deaths, 8,259 new cases


Two children regain sight with genetic treatment



COVID-19: Italy registers 60 more deaths, 17,978 new cases


Climate: extreme weather events up five-fold in 10 yrs


One in four in Italy at risk of poverty – Eurostat


Italian ministry’s Twitter account hacked


COVID-19: Italy records 69 more deaths, 18,854 new cases


COVID-19 hospital admissions down 23% in 1 week – FIASO



COVID-19: Italy registers 93 more deaths, 23,161 new cases



Police had ‘no search warrant’ in Omerovic case


Unions declare local-transport strike for Friday


Italian pupils go back to school, facemask free


British Embassy in Rome opens book of condolences for Queen


COVID-19: Italy registers 17,550 new cases, 89 more deaths


Third of Italians may be unable to cover bills by Xmas


Italian reporter injured in Ukraine, says he’s OK


Climate: Storms cause mayhem in many parts of Italy



Energy saving plan worth 607 euros per household


COVID: 17,574 new cases, 57 more victims



Draghi, Grossi talk Zaporizhzhia, Iran, energy crisis


Rome files Expo 2030 bid


Eni buys BP business in Algeria



COVID: 24,855 new cases, 80 more victims



Heating down by 1° under govt gas-saving regulations


Raffaella Carrà to get 5-euro coin


Lazio striker Immobile found guilty of tax dodging


AIFA Oks Omicron-adapted vaccines


COVID: 6,610 new cases, 40 more victims


‘Shield’ to replace Russia sanctions says Salvini



ANSA/Right’s victory not foregone conclusion says Letta


Cyber attacks on Italy energy infrastructure up

‘Turbulent and cool weekend’ say forecasters


COVID-19 incidence down but transmission number up


COVID: 20,503 new cases, 68 more victims



Milk price may go above 2 euros a litre-Granarolo-Lactalis


First Omicron vaccines in 10 days says Speranza


Heating down 1 degree, 1 hr from October amid energy crisis


2025 Jubilee plan covers Rome mobility, clean-up



Girl dies after swing breaks



Vaccine coverage not high enough among risk groups – GIMBE


20% of industry will close if Russia turns off gas -Bonomi


COVID-19: Quarantine for asymptomatic cut to 5 days


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