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Nord Stream methane ‘cloud’ set to reach Italy



Buzzi, Carminati ‘Middle World’ convictions definitive



COVID-19: incidence soars to 325, Rt up to 1


COVID-19: Italy registers 37,522 new cases, 30 more deaths



New COVID-19 cases up 34% in one week – GIMBE


‘Pacta sunt servanda’ says Gentiloni on new govt


COVID: 36,632 new cases, 48 more victims


Italian women demonstrate for free and safe abortions


Pope prays for cruelly abused Ukraine people


All acquitted in quake collapse of building in Amatrice


Italy reaches 90% gas stocks target early – Cingolani


COVID: 44,878 new cases, 64 more victims


COVID-19: public-transport facemask obligation ends Sept 30



Angiolini accused of squatting in wedding planner’s flat


COVID: 22,527 new cases, 60 more victims


Putin pushed by Russians, media into war – Berlusconi



Stairway collapses at Rome Globe Theatre, 12 injured


Swimming coach accused of assaulting 14-yr-old girl swimmer


COVID-19: 11% rise in new cases ends downward trend – GIMBE


COVID: 21,190 new cases, 46 more victims


Top court confirms 3.5 mn seizure from ex-House pres Pivetti



Italy gets second woman supreme court head



COVID-19: 60 more deaths, 28,395 new cases


COVID-19: 31 more deaths, 8,259 new cases


Two children regain sight with genetic treatment



COVID-19: Italy registers 60 more deaths, 17,978 new cases


Climate: extreme weather events up five-fold in 10 yrs


One in four in Italy at risk of poverty – Eurostat


Italian ministry’s Twitter account hacked


COVID-19: Italy records 69 more deaths, 18,854 new cases


COVID-19 hospital admissions down 23% in 1 week – FIASO



COVID-19: Italy registers 93 more deaths, 23,161 new cases



Police had ‘no search warrant’ in Omerovic case


Unions declare local-transport strike for Friday


Italian pupils go back to school, facemask free


British Embassy in Rome opens book of condolences for Queen


COVID-19: Italy registers 17,550 new cases, 89 more deaths


Third of Italians may be unable to cover bills by Xmas


Italian reporter injured in Ukraine, says he’s OK


Climate: Storms cause mayhem in many parts of Italy



Energy saving plan worth 607 euros per household


COVID: 17,574 new cases, 57 more victims



Draghi, Grossi talk Zaporizhzhia, Iran, energy crisis


Rome files Expo 2030 bid


Eni buys BP business in Algeria



COVID: 24,855 new cases, 80 more victims



Heating down by 1° under govt gas-saving regulations


Raffaella Carrà to get 5-euro coin


Lazio striker Immobile found guilty of tax dodging


AIFA Oks Omicron-adapted vaccines


COVID: 6,610 new cases, 40 more victims


‘Shield’ to replace Russia sanctions says Salvini



ANSA/Right’s victory not foregone conclusion says Letta


Cyber attacks on Italy energy infrastructure up

‘Turbulent and cool weekend’ say forecasters


COVID-19 incidence down but transmission number up


COVID: 20,503 new cases, 68 more victims



Milk price may go above 2 euros a litre-Granarolo-Lactalis


First Omicron vaccines in 10 days says Speranza


Heating down 1 degree, 1 hr from October amid energy crisis


2025 Jubilee plan covers Rome mobility, clean-up



Girl dies after swing breaks



Vaccine coverage not high enough among risk groups – GIMBE


20% of industry will close if Russia turns off gas -Bonomi


COVID-19: Quarantine for asymptomatic cut to 5 days


Storms to hit centre and south Thursday


COVID: 21,817 new cases, 90 more victims


Listen to the cry of the Earth, stop destruction says pope


COVID: admissions down again, 14.2% in 7 days


COVID: Omicron jabs will be ready from mid-Sep – Speranza

Excess mortality hit 36% in intense late July heat


Let’s train Ukrainians to safely use arms – Guerini


COVID: 31,088 new cases, 98 more victims



Over-80 mortality peaked in July due to heat



Adoptions down in Italy due to COVID-19



569 fatal workplace accidents in seven months – INAIL



COVID: 8,355 new cases, 60 more victims



Man arrested after making U-turn on motorway


Meloni slams Di Maio for saying economic war if right wins

COVID: 21,998 new cases, 99 more victims


COVID: Rt down slightly, incidence up



COVID: 23,438 new cases, 84 more victims



Italy won’t abandon you, Di Maio tells Zelensky


Drunk, drugged-up cop kills man on scooter with car


COVID: Big delays in giving 4th jab says GIMBE



Ukraine: Avert nuke disaster at Zaporizhzhia says pope


COVID: 25,389 new cases, 112 more victims



Falcone, Borsellino mural in Rome defaced


COVID ICU occupancy plunges 33% – FIASO


Moscow brutal, resistance legit says Mattarella to Zelensky


COVID: 35,360 new cases, 134 more victims



FB, Instagram, Twitter remove migrant rape video


Italian monkeypox cases up 52 to 714 in 7 days


Ukraine: Italy’s position won’t change says Salvini


COVID: 10,418 new cases, 75 more victims


5 people saved by dog life guards in Lazio and Sicily


COVID: 24,691 new cases, 124 more victims


Delays in fighting disinformation, interference – COPASIR

Climate activists glue selves to Vatican statue


Italian monkeypox cases up 27 to 689 in 3 days


COVID incidence and Rt drop again


Extreme weather events surge in Italy, 132 in 6 mts


Woman, 25, dies of bad turn in Latina disco


COVID: 27,296 new cases, 147 more victims


Girl, 10, gets dad arrested for beating mum


COVID: 36,265 new cases, 128 more victims



COVID admissions down again, -13.7% in 7 days


COVID: 8,944 new cases, 70 more victims



52 prison suicides this year



Italian monkeypox cases up 18 to 662



Two ‘trappers’ arrested for race attack on Nigerian worker



Italy bids farewell to TV science popularizer Piero Angela


Zelensky says told pope of Russian crimes


COVID: 26,693 new cases, 152 more victims


Italian monkeypox cases up 45 to 644


COVID incidence and Rt drop again


COVID: 28,433 new cases, 130 more victims



Wanting eternal youth is delusional says pope


Climate crisis has grave health risks – Speranza after G7


COVID ICU occupancy -22% in 7 days, wards -20% – FIASO



Bad-weather alert in seven regions in centre and south



COVID: 43,084 new cases, 177 more victims


Italian mortality rate up 21% July 1-15 due to heat waves


Italy starts monkeypox vaccinations


Italy’s most decorated WWII partisan dies


COVID: 11,976 new cases, 113 more victims



Air fares soar amid cost of living crisis


2022 on course to be ‘Italy’s hottest, driest yr on record’



COVID-19: Italy registers 42,976 new cases, 161 more deaths


West Nile cases double in a week to reach 94 – ISS


COVID-19: Italy registers 45,621 new cases, 171 deaths


Italy set for another intense heat wave


Over half of women victims of harassment, discrimination



COVID-19: Italy registers 64,861 new cases, 190 more deaths



Pescara deeply ‘disturbed’ after deadly hit in bar



Mattarella calls for full truth about Bologna bombing


COVID-19: 54,088 new cases, 244 more deaths



Italy’s COVID-19 transmission number and incidence drop


COVID: Italy registers 60,381 new cases, 199 more deaths



COVID-19: Weekly death toll passes 1,000 mark – GIMBE

http://COVID-19: Weekly death toll passes 1,000 mark – GIMBE


COVID-19: Italy registers 63,837 new cases, 207 deaths



Some 160,000 hectares burned by wildfires in 2021



Italy has shortfall of 4,200 ER doctors – association


COVID-19 hospital admissions drop after month of rises



COVID-19: Italy registers 88,221 new cases, 253 more deaths


COVID-19: 23,699 new cases, 104 more deaths

Probe into possible cyber attack on Italy’s tax agency

Drought: Crop yields down by up to 45% – Coldiretti



Almost 33,000 operations in 1 month to fight wildfires



COVID-19 transmission number down, hospital cases up


COVID-19: Italy registers 80,653 new cases, 157 more deaths


Pope calls for action to implement Paris Agreement


Drought: River Po down to 10% of usual level – ANBI



COVID-19: Italy registers 86,067 new cases, 157 more deaths



Two held over fatal stabbing of boxer in Anzio


COVID-19: Italy registers 120,683 new cases, 176 more deaths


Terracina mayor arrested in corruption probe


Italy marks 30th anniversary of Borsellino bombing



Italy’s COVID-19 death toll passes 170,000


Nine cities to go on red alert as heat wave intensifies


COVID-19: Italy registers 96,384 new cases, 134 more deaths


Italy’s COVID-19 incidence rises further


Rise in new COVID-19 cases has decelerated says GIMBE


COVID: 110,168 new cases, 106 more victims


New European rocket made in Italy blasts off

Violence against women up 3.5% last year


COVID-19 cases ‘may increase after Maneskin gig’



Draghi tells self-deprecating joke at foreign press dinner



Taxi drivers use firecrackers, flares against cops


COVID-19: get fourth jab says Health Undersecretary Sileri



Climate Crisis: Italy braced for another heat wave



Inmate COVID infections quadruple in seven days



COVID: 142,967 new cases, 157 more victims


Govt proposes new social pact to unions



Italian tax drivers striking over Uber Files


COVID ward occupancy up 1% to 15%, ICU steady at 4%


Govt to put tax wedge cut, wage hikes, ‘precarity’ to unions



Govt to put tax wedge cut and wage hikes to unions

Totti and Blasi split after 20 years



COVID: 37,756 new cases, 127 more victims


First six guilty verdicts in CGIL HQ assault



Italy worst in EU for population drop


Top virologist accused of bodyshaming critic


Hottest heatwave yet to hit Italy Thursday


Dioxin levels over limits after Rome fire


COVID: OK to 4th jab for over-60s says Speranza



Historic Rai3 editor Guglielmi dies


Gazprom cuts Italy’s gas supplies by a third


Man gets life for stabbing son to death


COVID: 100,690 new cases, 105 more victims


Storms hit central Italy, breaking ‘afa’


‘Robust’ second quarter, acquired GDP growth 3% says Franco


Italy’s COVID-19 incidence soars


Italy’s COVID-19 incidence soars


Pandemic calls for better cooperation says Mattarella


Pandemic demands more effective coop says Mattarella


COVID: 107,240 new cases, 94 more victims


COVID ward occupancy up 1% to 13%, ICU steady at 4%


Italy willing to work with all says Mattarella in Zambia


COVID infections 100 times a year ago – AGENAS



COVID-19: 55% rise in new cases in 1 week – GIMBE


Italy mustn’t raise current spending – Gentiloni


COVID: 107,786 new cases, 72 more victims


Bomb kills Somali who served 16 yrs for Alpi murder


‘Ndrangheta boss Morabito extradited to Italy


COVID ward occupancy up 1% to 12%


COVID: 132,274 new cases, 94 more victims


Boy, 2, drowns at Santa Severa


COVID cases rising, gauge hospital fallout says Speranza


40,000 fewer docs and nurses since 2010 says FIASO


Household income up but purchasing power hit by inflation


Prosecutors open probe into new Rome wildfires



Italy’s taxi drivers start two-day strike


Marmolada: Italy mourns victims says Draghi



Paris PG appeals refusal to extradite 10 Italy ex-leftists


Brothers get life for kicking to death Cape Verdian chef


Berlusconi ex Pascale, 36, ‘weds’ singer-songwriter Turci,57


COVID: Live with virus says Costa, Speranza demurs


Climate group provoke road rage with controversial protests


COVID-19 Rt number and incidence rise further


Ready to OK emergency drought moves says Draghi


Berlusconi ex Pascale to wed singer-songwriter Turci


COVID: 83,274 new cases, 59 more victims



NATO decisions essential for our security – Guerini


COVID ward occupancy up 1% to 10% in 24 hrs – AGENAS


COVID ward admissions up 25.7% in a week, 15% rise in ICUs – GIMBE



Facemasks, home work for fragile to remain in private sector


Worker falls from scaffolding and dies in central Rome



2025 Holy Year logo presented


COVID: 83,555 new cases, 69 more victims




G7 success, hope price cap by October says Draghi


G7 summit great success, unity on Ukraine says Draghi



Four indicted for death threats against Speranza


COVID-19 ICU occupancy rate up to 3%


Climate: Many cities on red alert as heat wave intensifies


COVID ward occupancy up from 8% to 9% in 24 hrs – AGENAS


35 Roma suffer smoke inhalation in big fire at Rome camp


COVID: 24,747 new cases, 63 more victims


15 Roma suffer smoke inhalation in big fire at Rome camp


Back Ukraine, COVID is ‘open challenge’ -Speranza tells Health G7


Explosive device sent to Leonardo HQ defused



G7 united on Kyiv, democracies lose if it does – Draghi


Pope hails nun slain in Haiti as martyr



Telefono Rosa chief ‘indignant’ at Roe v Wade cancellation


COVID: 55,829 new cases, 51 more victims


Omicron 5 up from 23% to 34.4% in a week – ISS



EU growing, getting more important – Draghi



Anti-vaxxers daub slogans on Rome hospital


Over 1,000 people in Italy aged 105 or more – ISTAT


Household confidence plummets, business up


COVID-19 Rt number back over 1 after more than 2 months


COVID: 56,166 new cases, 75 more victims


Disabled families asked how ashamed they are of them



COVID ward occupancy up 1% to 8% in 24 hrs – AGENAS



Anti-cyclone Charon to really heat up next week


Climate Crisis: Mediterranean temp 4 degrees above average


Rape-drug seizures tripled last year – report


Amazon to create 3,000 new jobs in Italy


COVID-19 cases up 58.9% in one week – GIMBE


COVID: 53,905 new cases, 50 more victims



COVID: Paediatric admissions more than double – FIASO


6bn public cash lost in fraud and waste


Gas supplies outstrip demand by 20 mn cubic metres


High-school finals start for half a million pupils


Majority finds agreement on Ukraine resolution


COVID: 62,704 new cases, 62 more victims


Ukraine: Resolution urges military de-escalation



House justice panel OKs growing 4 cannabis plants



Italy to continue supporting Ukraine – Draghi


Regions to request drought state of emergency



Sanctions are tools agst those who threaten peace-Mattarella


Pandemic not over, masks still important – Parisi


Gas primary source for heating and hot water in Italy


Man arrested for killing wife in Rome


Govt set to declare drought state of emergency – Costa


COVID: 16,571 new cases, 59 more victims


Ukraine: Zelensky thanks Italy, Rome shd be among guarantors


Lazio declares drought state of calamity


Man runs police check-point near St Peter’s


Broker accused of bilking Lippi and Conte dies in bike crash



Fake doctor arrested for pushing girls into anorexia


71 confirmed monkeypox cases in Italy says Rezza



COVID: 35,427 new cases, 41 more victims



Demo at ed ministry over trans teacher who killed self


Gazprom supplying only 50% of gas requested – Eni



Omicron 100% with BA.2 dominant, BA.5 up to 23.15% – ISS


Big rise in COVID-19 incidence and transmission number


Gazprom supplying only 50% of gas requested – Eni



COVID: 36,573 new cases, 64 more victims



Italy wants Ukraine in EU says Draghi in Kyiv



Interest rate rise to control inflation says Visco



Cohabitation with COVID, zero infections impossible – Costa



Gazprom only meeting 65% of Eni gas demand


COVID: 31,885 new cases, 48 more victims


Facemasks on public transport extended to Sep


Russia cuts gas to Italy by 15%



Art cities to lure 27 mn June-Aug, up 24.6%



Boschi’s father acquitted in bank fraud case


COVID: Fall in admissions slows to 3.9% in last week


Moscow made big mistake betting on NATO split – Di Maio (7)



ANSA still Italy’s most trusted news brand-Reuters Institute


Couples shd practise chastity before marriage says Vatican


Some 5.6 mn people in absolute poverty in Italy – ISTAT


COVID: 39,474 new cases, 73 more victims



Average petrol price goes over 2 euros a litre


Swine fever: Lazio to double cull to 50,000 animals


Paralysed man dies after opting for deep-sedation suicide


Piece of Porta Maggiore breaks away


Mask obligation may remain for public transport, hospitals



Facemasks just recommended at school exams



No one turns out to vote in Abruzzo town



COVID: 10,371 new cases, 41 more victims


Fake ‘Italian’ food products’ global turnover up to 120bn



COVID: 21,554 new cases, 63 more victims



Cristoforetti welcomes Mattarella back aboard ISS



Stalker ‘pretended to give birth’ to keep ex



Common commitment to ending Ukraine war-pope-von der Leyen


People stage ‘empty-pans’ protests at cost of living



Italy’s COVID-19 incidence on the rise again – report



2 Lazio pigs get swine fever


Ukraine: We’ll rebuild it says von der Leyen in Rome


COVID facemasks no longer compulsory but still useful



COVID: 22,361 new cases, 80 more victims



COVID: Omicron BA.5 up from 0.4% to 13% of cases


Climate Crisis: Rome, Milan mortality rates set to rise



NRRP ‘central’ to recovery amid war fall-out – Mattarella



Storm front to bring temps back below averages


COVID: End to facemasks indoors on June 15 – Costa



COVID: admissions down 16.3%, trend down for over a month



COVID: 28,082 new cases, 70 more victims



Historic films go up in smoke in Rome fire


Rome-Naples high-speed train line set to be reopened


Ukraine: Medvedev’s threats fuel campaign of hate – FM


Ukraine war hitting eastern partnership says Mattarella


League Senator gets off for calling Kyenge ‘orangutan’



COVID: 8,512 new cases, 70 more victims


Profile: The vet who quit to combat the climate crisis


Ukraine: Italy called to ensure peace says Mattarella


Two tourists run over by bus in Rome



COVID: 9,429 new cases, 40 more victims


Ukraine:Lamorgese worried migrant flows up with grain crisis



Ukraine: Diplomatic action must continue with force – min


High-speed train has accident in tunnel in Rome

Ukraine: All efforts to export grain Di Maio tells Kuleba


Italy’s monkeypox cases all men – Spallanzani


COVID-19 incidence, transmission number drop further



Speranza OKs 6,000 projects for ‘NHS of the future’


Latvian manager won’t be extradited to Russia – Cartabia


COVID: 18,391 new cases, 59 more victims



Desaparecidos: Rome prosecutors probe Argentine ex-officer


Monkeypox: 20 confirmed cases in Italy says Sileri



Ukraine: Italy ready to mine-sweep ports says Di Maio


Man indicted for stalking woman he met on FB



COVID: Don’t put off 4th dose govt tells over-80s


COVID-19 hospital admissions down 13% in 1 week – FIASO



Pope calls for quick end to Ukraine war


COVID: 24,267 new cases, 66 more victims


Draghi says ‘satisfied’ with results of EU summit


Just giving kids dad’s name sign of inequality says court


Sole 24 Ore ex-editor gets 2 1/2 yrs for financial crimes


Latvian manager sought by Russia arrested in Rome



Bill passed stopping kids living with jailed mums



‘Scipio’ African anticyclone to push temps up as far as 40


Swastikas daubed on tomb of Alfredino Rampi


COVID-19: Green Pass not needed to enter Italy from Wed



Friends with Draghi but debate on price cap – Rutte


Italy GDP will slow more due to Russia links – Gentiloni


COVID: 7,537 new cases, 62 more victims


Rome mayor,retailers lament closure of Feltrinelli in centre



Boy, 3, dies after car crash near Rome


Women board members rise to high of 41% in 2021



War never solution, but a defeat says pope



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